Star Test

What is Star?

The STAR Reading computer-adaptive test and database is an achievement-level learning information system.  Learning information systems are used to help educators accelerate learning and increase motivation by providing immediate, individulized feedback on student tasks and classroom achievement.STAR Reading software serves three primary purposes.  First, it provides teachers with quick estimates of students' instructional reading levels.  Second, it offers estimates of students' reading levels relative to national norms.  Third, because it can be administered multiple times within a school year, it can provide educators with a measure of growth in student reading ability during the year. 

Where to Test?

Students take tests on computers networked to the school server in the library.

Star Schedule

  STAR Test Dates

Month of 9/2017

Month of 11/2017

Month of 3/2018

Month of 5/2017

  Students will take the STAR test four 1imes during the school year.