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RTI Rotations

We know that students learn in different ways and at different rates. This is why we highly value and place a priority on RTI (Response to Intervention). Through our RTI rotations, we are able to differentiate instruction to ensure students’ needs are being met. During RTI rotations, the student to teacher ratio is decreased for all students because of our additional RTI staff. Children who need additional time and support to meet grade-level expectations work in smaller groups to close the gap. Students who are performing at or beyond grade-level receive extension and enrichment instruction and activities geared to take their learning even further. By individualizing instruction this way, teachers help students to show growth, boost their self-confidence, and reach their potential.

With district-provided funds and the help of the Foundation, we are able to hire 4 additional credentialed, part-time teachers to be part of RTI Rotations. The classroom teachers and RTI teachers work together to assess students' needs, form flexible groups, plan differentiated instruction, and monitor students' progress.